DescriptionPropaties and functionsSpecificationApplicaption
MK-9a3G is a reliable 2G/3G modem dedicated for wireless data transmission in industrial environments, i.a. in M2M (Machine to Machine) networks.
Designed data exchange with the use of the computerised infrastructure of mobile network operators enables communication in extremely long distances at minimal costs.
Three independent ports (RS-485, RS-232 and CS) allow for simultaneous and parallel data transmission within one reading-out session.
This modem has embedded TCP/IP stack which enables transparent data exchange with devices connected to serial interfaces. It also has mechanisms which ensure that connections are performed in an uninterrupted and safe manner – it guarantees its maximum availability.
  • Device industrial structure
  • Adapted for continuous operation
  • Compact and robust housing made of recyclable material
  • LEDs signalling a modem operation status and signal strength
  • Remote or local configuration of the device and firmware update
  • Secured against unauthorised access
  • PIN stored
  • RTC, maintained by battery or plugger
  • Integrated Watch-Dog ensuring operation control
  • TCP/IP stack embedded
  • GSM (2G/3G) network diagnostics
  • Event log
  • Software or hardware configurable autoreset
  • Modem remote restart with the use of CLIP service
  • Time synchronisation in metres (with the use of IEC protocol)
  • Automatic setting of data transfer format depending on the read-out protocol
  • Monitoring of phase voltages of the metre connected (with the use of IEC protocol)
  • Passive acquisition of measurement data from the metres selected
  • Sending SMSes as a result of changing the status of a binary input
  • Battery maintenance of SMS sending function after power break
Mobile network
Technologies and frequency bandGSM/GPRS/EDGE: Dual band GSM 900/1800MHz
UMTS/HSPA+: Dual band UMTS 900/2100MHz
UMTS speedPS data rate – 384 kbps DL / 384 kbps UL
CS data rate – 64 kbps DL / 64 kbps UL
HSPA speedDL 7.2Mbps, UL 5.7Mbps
HSDPA Cat.8 / HSUPA Cat.6
- Multislot Class 12
- Full PBCCH support
- Mobile Station Class B
- Coding Scheme 1 – 4
- Multislot Class 12
- EDGE E2 power class for 8 PSK
- Downlink coding schemes – CS 1-4, MCS 1-9
- Uplink coding schemes – CS 1-4, MCS 1-9
- PBCCH support
- Mobile Station Class B
- V.110
- 9,6kbps
PCL ClassClass 4 (+33dBm ±2dB) - EGSM900
Class 1 (+30dBm ±2dB) - GSM1800
Class E2 (+27dBm ± 3dB) - GSM 900 8-PSK
Class E2 (+26dBm +3 /-4dB) - GSM 1800 8-PSK
Class 3 (+24dBm +1/-3dB) - UMTS 2100, WCDMA FDD BdI
Class 3 (+24dBm +1/-3dB) - UMTS 900, WCDMA FDD BdVIII
SIM cardmini SIM/USIM
Antennae connectorSMA
Serial interface
PortsRS-485 (Data+, Data-)
RS-232 (TxD, RxD, GND)
CS (20 mA) / CLO
Transmission speed300 bit/s ÷ 38,4 kbit/s
Transmission parametersData bit: 7, 8
Parity: None, Even, Odd
Stop bits: 1, 2
Operation modeTCP server
ConnectorTerminal block
12 VDC output12 VDC (50 mA) output for devices with passive serial interface
Binary inputs4 binary input
Configurable portminiUSB 2.0
Operation status5 LEDs:
- Signalisation of power supply
- Status of registration in the mobile network
- Connection status
- Data transfer RS-485 / RS-232
- Operation mode of a current loop CS (20 mA)
Signal strength3 LEDs
Physical properties
Dimensions96 x 86 x 36 mm (W x H x L)
WeightApprox. 170 g
Housing materialABS
Protection level
InstallationInstallation on wall with a sealing option
Operating conditionsTemperature: -25°C to +60°C
Atmosphere free from water, dusts, gases and explosive, flammable and chemically active vapours
Power supply
Power supply voltage~ 100÷240 V AC; 50/60 Hz
Power3,8 W
R&TTEConformity with Directive 1999/5/EC
Art. 3.1a - User's health and safety
Art. 3.1b - Electro-magnetic compatibility
Art. 3.2 - Effective use of frequency resources

MK-9a modems are devices for wireless industrial communication (i.a. M2M) for long distances with the use of 2G/3G mobile telephone system. They ensure reliable operation in public and private APN networks.

This model is characteristic for universal and compact housing, enabling encasing it in places with limited installation space. Robust design and possibility of operation in temperature below 0°C allows for uninterrupted work in industrial conditions. Plenty of assets of MK-9a modems make them a common device used in telemetry wireless systems (i.a. for remote reading of metre indications).

This modem may be connected to any device equipped with RS232/485 interface which enables remote reading of electricity, water and gas metres and other devices with a serial port. This modem may be operated as a transparent element of a master system to be read out, in a passive acquisition mode, performing reading-out and exporting data from metering instruments and also in an event mode – sending SMSes in response to changes of a status at binary inputs.

Element of a master system to be read out
After supplying voltage, the modem logs in APN network and waits for inquiries sent by the master system. Communication with the modem takes place on the IP address of the SIM card installed in the device. Inquires from the master system are sent through a serial port to the devices connected to the modem.

Passive acquisition
According to the schedule agreed, the modem cyclically reads out the devices selected. The data read out are sent to the indicated FTP server or they are sent by e-mail.

SMS notification
Every change in the status at the binary input results in sending SMS notification. It enables controlling, for instance, a door opened status or any sensor with binary interface.